Pitch Day

The Wind River Startup Challenge Final Pitch Day is an opportunity for the finalists to present their business proposals in from of an independent judging panel. Each finalist will have up to 12 minutes to present their businesses followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

Pitch Day will be a completely virtual public event.

Challenge Process

  • Up to 10 Semi-Finalists will be chosen from the aggregate group of submissions based on the quality, innovation level, market, product, or segmentation disruption, potential market size and/or growth of the submission content and announced October 15, 2020.
  • Semi-Finalists may be required to complete a 30-minute oral interview, either in person or video conference. Semi-Finalists will be notified of this requirement within two weeks of the Semi-Finalist announcement.
  • All Semi-Finalists will be assigned to a Impact 307 business counselor and will be advised from January 2021 through May 2021. Semi-Finalists are required to participate in on-going advising services in preparation for the Qualifying Pitch Day event.
  • The Qualifying Pitch Day event will be during the month of May 2021, in a location that is most accessible to the Semi-Finalists. All Semi-Finalist teams will present their business concept in a 12-minute-maximum presentation. Immediately following, the judging committee will conduct a Q&A session for a maximum of 10 minutes. At the conclusion of all Semi-Finalist Qualifying Pitch Day presentations, a judging committee will determine the Qualifying Finalists.
  • Each Qualifying Finalist team is eligible to apply to the $ 25,000 seed fund prior to the funding deadline.. The seed fund was established to assist tribal member entrepreneurs in the opportunity to develop and progress their businesses to the next stage of business development. All seed fund proposals will be reviewed by a judging committee that will determine the appropriate amount of funding.
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