New ventures in the Wind River Community have the opportunity to receive business funding from a seed fund. Applications open through October 31, 2021.

Business experience is not required!

Support and advising to refine business concepts will be available free of charge by IMPACT 307 It is strongly recommended that interested parties take advantage of IMPACT 307 advising services prior to submitting proposals.

“Economic development must occur at the grassroots level in order to be successful. With this startup challenge, community members will lead the change rather than wait for government to lead us.”

James Trosper, Director of the High Plains American Indian Research Institute (HPAIRI)

“Entrepreneurship is driven by homegrown solutions. Seed funding enables new ideas to be launched into meaningful and beneficial ventures.”

Dave Bohling, Director of IMPACT 307

“If we hire our own people, and purchase goods and services from our own people, we will see Native communities evolve and become more and more powerful economic forces, which will catalyze business opportunities and inspire entrepreneurship among future generations throughout Indian Country.”

Gary Davis, Founder and CEO of Native Business Magazine

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