Workshops are always free and open to the public!
A new series of business-focused workshops will be announced for the 2024 program. Check back to learn more or follow us on Facebook to stay up to day with announcements.

Come learn some new information and skills about business building while connecting with other entrepreneurial-minded members of your community! Snacks and refreshments are always provided.


2023 workshops are free and open to the public!
Check out the schedule below for previous dates and topics.

JANUARY 10WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONKicking off the 2023 WRSC program with introductions and a more detailed outline of the WRSC. You’ll receive a calendar of upcoming workshops and key dates, and we will end the session by completing a brief 3C’s evaluation.
JANUARY 24STARTING A BUSINESSStarting a business begins even before you bring in customers. This session provides a roadmap for your path to entrepreneurship including how to get a business license and why it’s necessary, what types of business structures are available, and we’ll begin to identify and clarify your values.
FEBRUARY 7BUSINESS MODEL CANVASAn introduction to the Business Model Canvas (BMC), including a run through of each of the nine building blocks. A solid BMC is a good start to turning an idea into a viable and successful enterprise.
FEBRUARY 21VALUE PROPOSITION CANVASA compliment to the Business Model Canvas, the Values Proposition Canvas (VPC) helps you identify your customers pains, gains and jobs to be done so you can create the products and services they want.
MARCH 7VIABILITY & RAISING CAPITALWe’ll develop a budget and outline the different ways you can bring in income, including the difference between seed funding, loans, and investors. This session will also help you decide on how to price yourself for profitability
MARCH 21MARKETING & BRANDINGWho are your target customers and how do you get them to find you? Not only do you need to find (and define) your business’s voice and brand, but you need to also decide on the right channels to communicate to your customers with.
APRIL 11PRESENTATIONS & STORYTELLINGYour business’s success depends a lot on your ability to communicate your purpose and why people need you…and quickly. Making your story unique, interesting, personal, and powerful is important.
APRIL 25MAKING A BUSINESS PLANYou’ve spent 4 months creating the building blocks of your business. Now, we’ll put them together to create a business plan. We’ll provide templates and examples of business plans so you can develop your own strategic roadmap for your business venture.
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